Blackboard Login

Staff wishing to view work submitted for the academic year 2018/19 must login in to Blackboard at Click <<HERE>> to login.

Support Contacts:

Damien Raftery - eLearning Development Officer

Gemma Dermody - Blackboard Administrator


Blackboard Account:

Students: You will have access to your online Blackboard courses within 24 hours of registering for a course or module with ITCarlow. 

Staff: Once you have been issued with your IT Carlow computer network account you will have access to Blackboard.

However whilst students have automatic access to courses they are registered for, staff must request access to courses they are teaching by completing the Course Enrolment form available in the Blackboard Support course.


Course Requests (Staff only)

Course Enrolment Request

Complete this form to request instructor access to courses you are teaching on Blackboard. Instructors have full access to a course.

Common Course

Use this form if you teach the same subject to multiple student groups but only wish to maintain one course on Blackboard for that subject.

Master Course: Within the form, first you select the course that you wish to maintain.

Original Course(s): Then you select the subject(s) for the other student groups which you wish to have moved to your master course.

If there is more than 3 original courses than need to be moved to the Master course, you will need to submit a second form for the additional original courses.

NEW - Check requests already submitted for Common Courses. (updated nightly)

Current Courses

This allows you view the current subjects and their unique codes for all programs at IT Carlow.


Technical Checklist:

Blackboard Learn 9 System Requirements - Run Check on your PC

Supported Browsers, Plugins & Operating Systems for Blackboard Learn 9

Check your Browser plugins are up to date with Qualys BrowserCheck


Help documentation and videos from Blackboard